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A while ago a bunch of dance addicts and swing nerds took over the cosy rooms of the KHG Kellerbar Erlangen to spread the joy of Lindy Hop, Blues and other swing dances.
They are now thrilled to offer weekly Lindy Hop classes plus a well-attended weekly social dance, as well as several taster classes throughout the semester breaks. The rooms have changed to another location but the positive and friendly vibe has remained the same!


We want to teach our students more than a by-heart-set of steps and figures – more importantly we are focusing on getting the very unique feeling of Lindy Hop and Swing music, and learn a solid technique of leading and following to maximize expression and fun with our partner.

Classes Summer 2024

Course start and end dates: 17.4.–17.7.2024
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Lindy Hop 3 Levels. No dance partner required.
Balboa beginner+ class. No dance partner required.

Balboa is

known for its smooth, tight footwork with a lot of shuffling, and “chest to chest” close dancing position. The Balboa has an 8-count basic and is well suited for fast tempos. It is probably based on the Foxtrot and/or the Charleston and was born in the 1930’s in Southern California, on Balboa Peninsula, due to crowded dance floors.
(from RTSF, The little dance dictionary)

Lindy Hop is

considered the grandparent of most swing dances. It originated in Harlem ballrooms such as the famous Savoy in the late 1920’s and evolved later into many forms like Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie, and Jive. It was danced to big band music and was characterized by “breakaways” in which partners in a couple separated and improvised steps individually and the „Swing Out“, where partners were swinging around each other, opening up at the end. The dance can be wild and spontaneous, with frenzied kicks and body movements, or it can be cool and sophisticated. Later called the “Jitterbug“, it exploded in popularity across the USA throughout 1930-1950 and has been brought into the world mostly through the American soldiers and the Hollywood movies. The Lindy Hop owes much to African American influence, particularly Charleston, Jazz and Tap steps.
(from RTSF, The little dance dictionary)


for (approx. 15 lessons):
For one class: 40 € for non-earners, students/pupils/apprentices, 80 € for wage-earners/phd-students.

Possible for Lindy Hop 2 and 3 – 1/2 off for booking 2 classes:
60 € for students and non-earners, 120 € for wage-earners.

Level description

BALBOA LEVEL 1 (beginners)
Wednesdays, 20 – 21 h, front partition in Familienzentrum, Bismarckstraße 19, Erlangen
This class is for new beginners and for beginners who attended our last course.
We will train important basics and introduce a new set of material.
No prior knowledge required.

LINDY HOP LEVEL 1 (beginners)
Wednesdays, 20 – 21 h, back partition in Familienzentrum, Bismarckstraße 19, Erlangen
Content & description

We will start right from the beginning and build up the material and difficulty.
No prior knowledge required. Also recommended for dancers who want to refresh their Lindy Hop basic knowledge and skills.
Beginners A
Summer semester, April–July
6-count basic steps and moves, groove walks, Lindy Charleston
Beginners B
Winter semester, October–February
8-count basic steps and moves, circle, swing out

After completing both blocks, you can move forward to our beginner-intermediate level (level 2).
In each block we teach a different set of basics. You can start with either block.

LINDY HOP LEVEL 2 (Beginner-Intermediate)
Wednesdays, 21 – 22 h, back partition in Familienzentrum, Bismarckstraße 19, Erlangen
Content & description

This is your level if you
a) have completed our level 1 (block A and B) of lindy hop or a similar class somewhere else and feel confident to build on that material. Also you have been seen regularly on social dance floors.
b) have knowledge of the basic vocabulary: bounce, 6-count, 8-count, lindy charleston basic; swing out.
Basic body control: You can dance the basic step with triple steps effortlessly and you are able to keep the bounce.
Basic Lead & Follow: You can keep a good connection with your partner for leading and following steps, shapes and directions.
Basic Performance: You can hear the changes in a song and you are beginning to make your dance fit to the music.

LINDY HOP LEVEL 3 KHG (Intermediate)
Wednesdays, 21 – 22 h, front partition in Familienzentrum, Bismarckstraße 19, Erlangen
Content & description

This is your level if you have
good knowledge of the basic vocabulary: 6-count, 8-count, lindy charleston basic; swing out and variations, common lindy and charleston figures.
Basic body control: You have relaxed arms and hands and don’t squeeze your partner with your hands or arms. You can keep a steady bounce and your own balance.
Basic Lead & Follow: You can comfortably lead/follow the difference between triple and step steps. You consciously lead/follow directions and shapes through your connection.
Basic Performance: You can resist looking down at your feet. You can smile while doing the moves :] You are able to follow the basic structural changes of a song and dance to the music.




Pre-registration is obligatory! Link to registration HERE.

Any questions:

22 -23:30 h
Wednesdays at Familienzentrum, Bismarckstraße 19, Erlangen, the dance begins right after the last class class  and wusually finish between 23 and 0 h. You can just swing by but please voluntarily test yourself beforehand.

20 -23:30 h or later
Admission: 2/4 €
!! Please check the calendar for DATES, LOCATION, and other events, such as taster classes !!


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