Swing & Blues Scene

Map of our scene – who offers what?

Our local scene is run by many volunteers who work with associations and non-profit organisations to provide great diversity for swing and blues dancers. Check out what we offer in WEEKLY CLASSES and in WORKSHOPS.

1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg

The 1. BWC offers many affordable classes, workshops and social dances within a diverse and welcoming community:
∞ Lindy Hop
∞ Collegiate Shag
∞ Balboa
Open Training for swing dances
Weekend events and social dances
Boogie Woogie, Rock the Billy
Swing Rebels (show group)

☞ link to becoming a BWC member

KHG Erlangen

Hosted by this Hochschulgemeinde we are able to offer affordable weekly swing dance classes in a cosy atmosphere as well as the only weekly social dance in the area plus irregular workshops and tasters.
∞ Lindy Hop
∞ Balboa
∞ Weekly Social

Tanzfabrik Nürnberg

This amazing dance school offers a lot more than swing classes (charleston, bourlesque, jazz, many more dances and also shows and theatre) but this are our cooperations with it:
∞ Lindy Hop
∞ Swing Jazz Session – Social dance

Egidienplatz (Super Secret Moves e.V.)

∞ Lindy Hop

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