Blues Dance

Welcome to our cute and cosy Blues dancing community!

What is Blues?

Blues dance is a mostly slow and soulful dance that focuses on the conversation of both dance partners. Small, subtle movements can express a lot while being accompanied by the very emotional blues music.

Blues dance combines elements of African dance with European partner dance. A central element in blues dance is the connection between the dance partners. Blues dance will also help you to better understand your dance partner in other dances and to be able to react to small movements.

History of Blues

Blues is a music, a dance, a feeling. It can express pain, it can celebrate, it can tease and seduce, it can liberate from the burden of everyday life.
Blues music originated in the culture of African Americans, more specifically in the southern states of the USA. With roots in African rhythms from religious ballads and folklore. Together with jazz, blues is the American expression of how African and European music merge.

Blues dance developed in parallel with the music. It combines elements of African dance as well as European partner dance. Both in the countryside and in the city, the dance spread and developed differently together with the music in many regions.

Since the revival of swing dance in the 80s and 90s, blues dance has also celebrated a comeback. Its characteristics are its strongly interpretative and improvised basic idea and the connection between the two dance partners and the music.

Learning Blues Dance

Blues Dance has been offered at 1. Boogie-Woogie Club Nürnberg since 2014. Once a month there is a 4-hour blues dance workshop followed by a party. The workshop is led by local as well as international dance instructors and is mostly suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced dancers.

Participation in the 4-hour training sessions (including dance party in the evening) is most times free of charge for members of the Boogie Woogie Club and €30 for participants who want to get to know the club, but there are different workshop and price models. Always check the desired workshop for its costs.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Blues Dance and the workshops if you write to

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