GO HOP ’N’ JAZZ with Roser & Marcos

➽ 24.+25. February 2024
➽ Lindy Hop Workshops 3 Levels
➽ Solo Jazz Workshops 2 Levels
➽ 1 social dance night

LINDY HOP & SOLO JAZZ WORKSHOP with Roser Ros & Marcos Leon from Spain


Saturday, 24.02.2024
9.40 h Check-in lower Gym, Nbg
10 h –12.45 h LINDY HOP Sympathizer lower Gym, Nbg
12.45 h – 14 h lunch break
13.45 h Check-in lower Gym, Nbg
14 h – 16.45 h LINDY HOP Enthusiast lower Gym, Nbg
20 h – 1 h
Swing PARTY*
Tanzfabrik, Nbg

*bring your own drinks to the party, there is no bar

Sunday, 25.02.2024
10.45 h Check-in upper Gym, Nbg
11 h – 13.45 h LINDY HOP invited upper Gym, Nbg
13.45 h – 15 h lunch break
14.45 h Check-in lower Gym, Nbg
15  h – 16.30 h SOLO JAZZ curious lower Gym, Nbg
15  h – 16.30 h SOLO JAZZ confident upper Gym, Nbg


MARCOS LEON is a jazz dancer, he works as a swing teacher in Zaragoza (Spain) and at national and international workshops. He has been dancing since 2012 and teaching for 7 years. As a jazz culture enthusiast, he focus his dancing in lindy hop, solo jazz and tap dance, trying to respect the roots and the values of vernacular jazz.

ROSER ROS is an international swing dance instructor based in Barcelona, Spain. She teaches lindy hop, aerials and solo jazz in some of the most important Lindy Hop events in Europe, and also teaches regular classes in her home scene, Barcelona.

Roser started doing gymnastics when she was 3 years old, and later entered the world of circus. She had been learning different types of dance all this time, until in 2011 she discovered Lindy hop, and has been unable to leave ever since.
She has a background in pedagogy, coaching essentials, and education. Before becoming a professional dancer, she was a primary school teacher specialised in physical education.
Roser is a great fast swing dancer. She dances with an energetic and precise style. She’s handy with dips and tricks, and aerials. As a choreographer she has worked for dance groups, music groups, artists, and videos.
Meet her on Instagram @roserswing and at her online dance school swingdancehome.com.

As a growing partnership, dancing together as well as in their classes, ROSER AND MARCOS emphasize rhythm, communication and self expression, always in a jazz culture context.


The Lindy Hop Workshop is NOT for beginners.
Solo Jazz: You could participate without experience in solo jazz and make it a challenge. Some general experience in Swing dancing will help.
Please read about the levels below.
Click for level description

EN: You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least a year and you’ve attended more than just a few Lindy Hop classes. You are able to dance basic 6- and 8-count figures, lindy charleston, swing out and variations of the basics. You go to social dances on a regular basis.

DE: Du tanzt seit mindestens einem Jahr Lindy Hop und hast Lindy Hop Tanzkurse besucht. Du beherrscht die wichtigen Basic Figuren mit 6- und 8-count Grundschritt, Lindy Charleston, Swing out und Variationen der Basics. Du gehst regelmäßig zum Social Dance.

Click for level description

EN: You’ve been dancing for at least 3 years or, if less, very intensively (3 times a week or more). You have attended several (international) workshops. You go to social dances regularly and feel confident with your dancing no matter to what tempo or with what partner you dance. You have a good connection and and can lead or follow more complex patterns without thinking about the basics. You want to dive deeper into styling, musicality and tempo.

DE: Du tanzt schon seit mindestens 3 Jahren oder sehr intensiv (3x die Woche oder mehr). Du hast schon mehrere (internationale) Workshops besucht. Du gehst regelmäßig zum Social Dance und fühlst dich sicher, egal mit welchen Partnern und zu welchem Tempo Du tanzt. Du hast sehr gute Connection und kannst komplexere Muster führen bzw. folgen, ohne über die Basics nachzudenken. Du willst weiter an Styling, Musikalität und Geschwindigkeit arbeiten.

Requirement & level description

EN: For this level you need to send us a short letter telling us about your dance experience and skills. As we keep this class very small, we will either send you the registration link for this class or recommend the Saturday’s int-adv class to you.
Requirements: You’ve been dancing for at least 3 years very intensively and you have built up a lot of experience. You have attended lots of (international) workshops. You go to social dances regularly and feel safe with your dancing, no matter to what tempo or with what partner you dance. You are ready to go back working on your basics. You have no trouble comprehending and copying figures, styles, rhythms that you see. You might even be a teacher at your local scene.

DE: Wenn du dich im advanced Level siehst und hier deine basics trainieren möchtest, schicke uns eine kurze E-Mail, in der du uns von deiner Tanzerfahrung und deinen Fähigkeiten erzählst. Da wir diese Klasse klein halten, schicken wir dir entweder den Anmeldelink dafür oder empfehlen dir die Samstags-Int-Adv-Klasse.
Voraussetzungen: Du tanzt seit mindestens 3 Jahren sehr intensiv und hast jede Menge Tanzerfahrung gesammelt. Du hast schon viele (internationale) Workshops besucht. Du gehst regelmäßig zu social dances und fühlst dich sicher beim Tanzen, egal in welchem Tempo oder mit welchen Partnern. Du bist bereit, wieder an deinen basics zu arbeiten. Du kannst schnell Figuren, styles und Rhythmen, die du siehst, erfassen und nachtanzen. Vielleicht unterrichtest du sogar in deiner lokalen Szene.

Click for level description

EN: You had a few opportunities to dance Solo Jazz already for example in class or workshop warm up. Maybe you know how to dance the shim sham or another routine, or you have had a few solo jazz classes before. You can join this level if you’ve never danced Solo Jazz before but have some general knowledge from other swing dance classes that you attended.

DE: Du hattest schon Gelegenheit, Solo Jazz zu tanzen/lernen, z. B. beim Aufwärmen in deiner Swingtanz-Klasse. Vielleicht weißt du, wie man den Shim Sham oder eine andere Routine tanzt, oder du hast bereits einige Solo Jazz-Kurse besucht. Du kannst dieses Level besuchen, wenn du noch nie Solo Jazz getanzt hast, aber ein paar allgemeine Grundlagen aus deinen anderen Swingtanzkursen hast.

Click for level description
EN: You’ve already made experiences with Solo Jazz workshops or classes. You can dance the Shim Sham and some other Routines. You can solo dance to a greater range of tempos, including faster ones. You can quickly grasp and adapt rhythms and styles that you see and therefore follow a faster teaching tempo in class. You want to improve your technical solo dancing skills and learn new patterns to spice up your dancing.DE: Du hast schon Erfahrung in Solo Jazz Workshops oder Kursen gesammelt. Du kannst den Shim Sham und andere Routines tanzen. Du kannst Solo zu verschiedenen Tempi tanzen, auch zu schnelleren. Du kannst Rhythmen und Stile, die du siehst, schnell erfassen und adaptieren und dadurch einem schnelleren Unterrichtstempo folgen. Du willst nicht nur neue Muster lernen, sondern auch deine Technik verbessern.


Gyms/Turnhallen Reuthersbrunnen-Schule, Reutersbrunnenstrasse 12, lower/upper gymnasium, 90429 Nürnberg
Click here for map!

Tanzfabrik, Studio 4
Address: Vordere Cramergasse 11, 90478 Nürnberg, link: Map of Site (find entrance to Studio 4)


Pay: Cash at check-in.

LINDY HOP per block (2,5 h each)
Members of 1.BWC: 15 € per class
Non-members of 1.BWC: 40 € per class
Non-members of 1.BWC + students/pupils/apprentices: 25 € per class

SOLO JAZZ per block (1,5 h)
Members of 1.BWC: 10 €
Non-members of 1.BWC: 25 €
Non-members of 1.BWC + students/pupils/apprentices: 15 €

We appreciate donations from 10–15 €


Individual registration is mandatory.
After you registered, if you cannot come for any reason please let us know as soon as possible.
Click for registration (link to google forms)

Registration for Lindy Hop INVITED: Read the level requirements, then send request email to: anmeldung@lindymaniacs.de


If you need to ask us anything write an email to anmeldung@lindymaniacs.de

Be safe

Let’s all work together and create a safe environment in so many ways. Act responsible towards your fellow dancers.
Refrain from attending if you show symptoms of Covid-19, Influenza or other infectious diseases.
Please wash your hands frequently at the workshops and parties.
If you feel unsafe by actions of another participant in any way, don’t hesitate to come and talk to one of the attending workshop- or scene organizers.

Code of Conduct

Have you read about our values in our dancing scene and how we wish to create a welcoming and safe environment for all dancers?

This event is presented by
1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg

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