GO HOP ’N SHAG with Fanny & Domen

➽ 18.+19. November 2023
➽ Lindy Hop Workshops 2 Levels
➽ Collegiate Workshops 2 Levels (also for beginners!)
➽ (Übungsabend) social dance night with live band Saturday: THE SWING SERVICE

LINDY HOP & COLLEGIATE SHAG WORKSHOP with Domen Bohinc & Fanny Bartl from Munich


Friday, 17.11.2023

Due to organisational reasons we cannot organise our own swing party on Friday.

But if you like fusion and blues music, join our dance scene for the fusion party (location tba)

Saturday, 18.11.2023
10.45 h Check-in lower Gym, Nbg
11 h–13.15 h LINDY HOP Enthusiast lower Gym, Nbg
13.15 h–14.30 h lunch break
14.15 h Check-in lower Gym, Nbg
14.30 h–16.45 h SHAG beginners! lower Gym, Nbg
20 h Swing PARTY, live band
Künstlerhaus, Nürnberg
Sunday, 19.11.2023
10.15 h Check-in upper Gym, Nbg
10.30 h–12.45 h LINDY HOP Sympathizer upper Gym, Nbg
12.45 h–14 h lunch break
13.45 h Check-in upper Gym, Nbg
14 h–16.15 h SHAG build-up upper Gym, Nbg
16.45  h–18.15 h SHAG teacher training upper Gym, Nbg


FANNY AND DOMEN’S classes are designed to be fun and enjoyable while also being structured and focused. The lessons are built on each other and aim to provide a safe environment for learning and practicing new dance moves. In addition to clear explanations, there is also room for experimentation and creativity. Fanny and Domen want to make sure all students leave their classes with new inspiration for the dance floor.

FANNY is in love with swing music and dancing since she was a teenager. She now teaches regularly in Munich.

DOMEN discovered the Swing lifestyle in his hometown Maribor, Slovenia in 2008. From 2010 he gave regular classes in Slovenia before moving to Munich and Salzburg in 2013 to teach.


The Lindy Hop Workshops are NOT for beginners.
Collegiate Shag: The Saturday’s is for beginners.
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EN: You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least a year and you’ve attended more than just a few Lindy Hop classes. You are able to dance basic 6- and 8-count figures, lindy charleston, swing out and variations of the basics. You go to social dances on a regular basis.

DE: Du tanzt seit mindestens einem Jahr Lindy Hop und hast Lindy Hop Tanzkurse besucht. Du beherrscht die wichtigen Basic Figuren mit 6- und 8-count Grundschritt, Lindy Charleston, Swing out und Variationen der Basics. Du gehst regelmäßig zum Social Dance.

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EN: You’ve been dancing for at least 3 years or, if less, very intensively (3 times a week or more). You have attended several (international) workshops. You go to social dances regularly and feel confident with your dancing no matter to what tempo or with what partner you dance. You have a good connection and and can lead or follow more complex patterns without thinking about the basics. You want to dive deeper into styling, musicality and tempo.

DE: Du tanzt schon seit mindestens 3 Jahren oder sehr intensiv (3x die Woche oder mehr). Du hast schon mehrere (internationale) Workshops besucht. Du gehst regelmäßig zum Social Dance und fühlst dich sicher, egal mit welchen Partnern und zu welchem Tempo Du tanzt. Du hast sehr gute Connection und kannst komplexere Muster führen bzw. folgen, ohne über die Basics nachzudenken. Du willst weiter an Styling, Musikalität und Geschwindigkeit arbeiten.

Beginner’s SHAG (Saturday)
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EN: This workshop will build up basics from scratch. It’s ideal if you are new to Shag and also if you want to fine-tune and work on your basics as a more experienced Shag dancer.

DE: Du lernst die Basics von Grund auf. Der Workshop is ideal für dich, wenn du neu beim Shag bist, aber auch, wenn Du mehr Erfahrung hast und an deinen Basics arbeiten möchtest, und sie vertiefen.

Build up for SHAG (Sunday)
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EN: You have some experience with dancing Shag and you want more and more an more. Or you visited the beginner’s workshop the day before and you are ready to work on some serious Shag 🙂

DE: Du hast schon Erfahrung mit Shag und willst mehr und mehr und mehr. Oder du hast am Vortag den Einsteiger-Workshop besucht und bist bereit, noch tiefer einzusteigen.

MORE THAN A HOBBY – SHAG teacher’s training

Requirement & level description

EN: Are you teaching Shag in your local scence and want to learn more about teaching it? Then you should come to this class.

DE: Du unterrichtest Shag in deiner lokalen Szene und möchtest lernen, das besser zu unterrichten? Dann komm in diese Klasse.


Gyms/Turnhallen Reuthersbrunnen-Schule, Reutersbrunnenstrasse 12, lower/upper gymnasium, 90429 Nürnberg
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Glasbau, 1. OG im Künstlerhaus
Address: Künstlerhaus im KunstKulturQuartier, Königstraße 93, Nürnberg (opposite main station)


The Swing Service
Swing the night away to the beat of this musical menu of hot jazz standards, featuring smooth vocals, grooving drums, lively keys, thumping bass, and sultry trombone. Antonia Dikhoff and her band The Swing Service will leave you dancing all night long!


Cost per one DANCE CLASS (= 2 hrs.)

Members of 1.BWC: 15 €
Non-members of 1.BWC regular: 40 €
Non-members of 1.BWC low income: 25 €

SHAG teacher’s block
Members of 1.BWC: free
Non-members of 1.BWC regular: 30 €
Non-members of 1.BWC low income: 20 €

Donations for the band.


Individual registration is mandatory.



If you need to ask us anything write an email to anmeldung@lindymaniacs.de

Not spreading diseases

Let’s all work together and create a safe environment in so many ways. Act responsible towards your fellow dancers.
Refrain from attending if you show symptoms of Covid-19, Influenza or other infectious diseases.
Take a Covid self test at home before attending the weekend. Please wash your hands frequently at the workshops and parties.

Code of Conduct

Have you read about our values in our dancing scene and how we wish to create a welcoming and safe environment for all dancers?

This event is presented by
1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg

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