Frankonian Fusion Retreat with Xandy Liberato


Join our group of warm-hearted dancers at our very special Fusion dance retreat near Regensburg. A magical time of fusion dance classes, parties and many other amazing experiences. Spend four days at a baroque monastery with Zouk and Fusion legend Xandy Liberato and many wonderful dancers. The event takes place from the 06th to 10th July 2023


We want to create an extended weekend giving you the possibility to connect to yourself and other dancers. The retreat format gives you the opportunity to create deep connections as we will dance, eat, sleep and spend time with each other.

In 10 hours of lessons with Xandy Liberato we will grow together as dancers. Contribute to the community by sharing your own knowlegde in small sessions. These sessions can be about dancing, but also any other topic you would like to share.

The event is cocreative and lives from your participation. Everybody is expected to help and work together to make it as amazing and magical as we all hope for.


Fusion Dancing welcomes people from different dance styles to mix up and dance together. The dance is not based on any predefined steps and movements instead you improvise together. This puts a spotlight on your connection to your dance partner and to the music. Every dance can be a new interaction and a new individual style. Fusion can be danced to a whole variety of different music styles.


We will have a party every night starting on Thursday to warm us all up. In the end we will wrap it up with a  goodbye party on Sunday.


Throughout 10 hours of training, we will open a space in which we can experience the essential movements of Fusion Dance in an organic way as we observe how our body moves, communicates, and feels, while gaining more awareness when expressing this dance with a partner.

To do so, we will apply the Liberato Method and use the resources it provides us with to dance Fusion Dance from a place where we can express ourselves as we are and open up to our full potential.

Its experiential pedagogy integrates principles and values based on self-responsibility, respect, equality, freedom of choice and listening. Furthermore, it encourages us to experience different roles in order to integrate various perspectives into our body.

Our common language will be Fusion Dance and the following topics will be included:

  • Introduction to the Liberato Method applied to Fusion Dance
  • Connection with the Presence from the Here and Now
  • Dances of Sacred Geometry Symbols, through which we will connect universal symbols with essential Partner Dance
  • Body Sensitivity: energy management, breathing and listening
  • The Liberato Body Scanner, which will help us to recognise and strengthen our body skills
  • Co-creation and different ways of Lead & Follow communication


Xandy Liberato

Choreographer, dancer, teacher, researcher, and creator of the Liberato Method

Since the beginning of his career 20 years ago, he has always combined his artistic life with teaching. During the last 12 years, he has conducted a research study on dance and the multidimensionality of the body in motion, the result of which is a body re-education system through dance.

Currently, he is sharing his knowledge in online courses, retreats and workshops, while he is in the creation process of his first book on the Liberato Method, together with his team and the technical support of the University of Valencia (Spain).  Click here for more information about Xandy and his work:



Main DJ

Encarny Villarreal

Encarny Villarreal is passionate about creating a world full of love, light and joy.

She founded the Swing, Blues and Fusion communities in Valencia, which now have thousands of dancers, dozens of teachers, and several schools in the city. For over 15 years, she has been teaching dancers, selecting music, producing festivals, and filling the city with roots and culture around social dancing.

In 2014, she fell in love with the world of Fusion Dance and traveled for months to learn from the international Fusion Dance family. She created the project to bring all the communities together under one roof, „La Escuela de Ruzafa“, and since then, she has been sharing her magic that heals our bodies and souls as individuals and as a society.

When she selects Fusion for dancers, time disappears and in the silence that remains, the music arrives without being asked to be and feel free


We will publish a detailed schedule closer to the event.


Herder Kulturzentrum,
Klosterstraße 10, 93188 Pielenhofen, Germany

The Herder Kulturzentrum is a former monastry which now can be used for events.
The nearest airports are Nuremberg and Munich, Germany. Closest train station is Regensburg (from there you can take the bus).
After registration we will offer an online sheet for attendees to organize ride shares.


What can you expect?
– 10 hours of Fusion dance classes with Xandy Liberato
– 4 nights in double and four bed rooms at a beautiful baroque monastry (single rooms are available but cost extra)
– 4 meals per day (Brunch, tea, dinner and midnight snack) + non-alcoholic drinks (alcohol will be extra but at  cost price)
– 4 parties with wonderful music and dance
– 4 days with amazing people to connect with and have a magical weekend
– activities and skill shares that go beyond dancing


We try to make this event to be as financially inclusive as possible.

  • Zebra Pass: sliding scale from 220€ to 300€ with payment recommendation of 260€, includes everything
  • Otter Pass: 190€, includes the accomodation, parties and food, does not include the Workshop with Xandy
  • Mercat Pass: 130€,  this is a scholarship ticket which you can apply for and that includes everything

We are a familiy friendly event. If you want to bring your family, please contact us ( )

With your payment you agree to the following terms and conditions regarding refund and disclaimer:

If you cancel your registration before May 31, 2023, you will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. We do not give refunds after June 1, 2023. In case of cancellation, please write us an email to
Participation in workshop and parties is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages.
Ticket exchange:
It will be possible to transfer a ticket to another person. More information will follow soon.


We try to make this event as inclusive as possible and create a space where everyone can express themselves.
– Any person of every culture, faith, gender identity or age is welcome.
– We are family friendly (bring your loved ones even if they don’t dance, there is much to do around the monastry and surroundings and they can stay at a reduced rate). Animals are sadly not allowed.
– We are inclusive to any kind of special needs, though sadly the event is not wheel chair accessible as there are many stairs and no elevators at the monastry.
– We try to make this event as financial inclusive as possible by providing a limited number of scholarships at half price and generally offering a sliding scale pricing as we believe in the good spirit and support of our community.
Please also read further in our Code of Conduct below.


During the event we will cook and prepare food for everyone together. There will be 4 ‚meals‘ per day: Brunch, tea time, dinner and a midnight snack. Additionally there will be snacks available all the time.
The event will be vegetarian with vegan options. Some dishes have optional meat.
During registration you can mark your dietary requirements.

Non-alcoholic drinks are provided and included in the participation contribution. Beer and wine will be offered at cost price.


Registration Form:


Let’s all work together and create a safe environment. Act responsible towards your fellow dancers.
Refrain from attending if you show symptoms of Covid-19, Influenza or other infectious diseases.
Take a Covid self test at home before attending the weekend.


Have you read about our values in our dancing scene and how we wish to create a welcoming and safe environment for all dancers?

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