Frankonian Blues & Fusion Exchange 2023

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After an amazing Blues exchange in 2022 we invite you to join us for a weekend in Erlangen, Germany,(near Nuremberg) with lots of fun, dancing and adventure.
We want to share with you an unique experience, showing you special places and things our region has to offer:

  • Dance in a historic steam train while seeing the beautiful nature of the Frankonian Swiss
  • Explore ’s stalactite caverns (where we will also be dancing)
  • Dance to the amazing music of Stef Rosen & Roger Wade as well as our Blues & Fusion DJs
  • Share activities with wonderful people
  • and experience our great region!

We are pleased to announce that we will again be hosting a Blues & Fusion Dance Exchange. This will take place from August 10-13, 2023 in Erlangen, Germany.

  • Thursday evening we will start with a small Pre-Houseparty.
  • Friday will mark the opportunity to see Nuremberg and especially some nice sights like the Catacombs and the German train museum. Ending the day with meeting in the castle park of Erlangen and a dance party afterwards.
  • Saturday offers nice activities and skill shares in Erlangen with a concert by Stef Rosen & Roger Wade in the evening.
  • Sunday we will travel to the Frankonian Swiss, a beautiful forrest and mountain area north of Erlangen and board a historical steam train to bring us to a stalactite cave for dancing and amazing acoustics.
  • Monday will have a picnic at the lake to recharge our energy after the event.

In the coming weeks we will post more info here. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Erlangen.

Dancing on a historic steam train

Enjoy local beer and other specialities.

Stef Rosen and Roger Wade will accompany us musically during the whole event.

This years theme:
Fruits of their labor: The connection of Blues, African American culture and railroads

With the German train museum, Fürth & Nuremberg being the first cities in Germany to ever have a railroad and our historical train ride, we want to give a little bit of a focus how people of African-American culture were among the main workers who build the US railroad and all the hardships they endured.
Today people see the railroad almost for granted, but it was the work of thousands of men and women, who made all this possible. No matter if it was building the tracks or the huge trains that would one day ride over them.
If you have knowledge that you would like to share or film recommendations on this topic, please let us know!

The idea of an exchange is to come together as the Blues and Fusion dancing communities, get to know other dancers from around the world and build connections. It is also our goal to show you Erlangen and its surroundings and present you Frankonia as the wonderful place it is.
Of course there will be a lot of dance on this long weekend. But instead of teachers and workshops, we will have as many social dances as possible, and teach each other in skill shares.
The focus should be not only on the dance but also on the community and creating an experience together.
This is an event from dancers for dancers which means we all help out when needed to make this exchange perfect for everyone.

We are open for all levels, so as long as you have fun at a Blues & Fusion party, you are welcome to join.


Thursday, 10.8.2022

Welcome Party 
20:00 h – ~23:55 h
At Andreas‘ appartment, Stubenlohstr. Erlangen

Friday, 11.8.2022

Culture day – You can also visit other sights of the city.

Activity Time Location
Tour through Nuremberg’s catacombs 11:30 h Altstadthof
Bergstr. 19 Nuremberg
Food 13-14:30h Altstadthof
Bergstr. 19 Nuremberg
Visiting the German railway museum including guided tour 15–17 h DB Museum Lessingstr. 6 Nuremberg
Outdoor Meet and Greet 18-20h
Schloßgarten Erlangen (infront of the Orangerie), Erlangen
Dance night 20h-~2h Kulturforum Logenhaus, Universitätsstr. 25,  Erlangen

Saturday, 12.8.2022

A day in Erlangen

Activity Time Location
Breakfast 10–12 h ev. Familienzentrum, Bismarckstr. 19,  Erlangen
Skillshares 12-14 h ev. Familienzentrum, Bismarckstr. 19,  Erlangen
Outdoor Dancing Skulpturengarten 14–16 h Skulpturengarten Erlangen, Burgberggarten,  Erlangen (At the terrace)
Beer tasting 16-17 h Entlas Keller, An den Kellern 5-7, Erlangen
Musical Jam session/ skill share 17-18 h ev. Familienzentrum, Bismarckstr. 19,  Erlangen
Dance night 19h-~2h ev. Familienzentrum, Bismarckstr. 19,  Erlangen

Sunday, 13.8.2022

A day in the Frankonian Switzerland

Activity Time Location
Travel to Ebermannstadt 9:00h (departure train 9:14h) Erlangen main station
Dancing on a Steam Train 10-11 h (train departure 10:05h) Ebermannstadt train station
Picknick 11–12 h Bahnhof Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz,  Gößweinstein (Behringersmühle)
Dancing inside the Sophies’s cave 12-14 h
Sophien Höhle, Ahorntal
Picknick 14-15 Bahnhof Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz,  Gößweinstein (Behringersmühle)
Dancnig on a Steam Train 15-16h (train departure 15:05h) Bahnhof Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz,  Gößweinstein (Behringersmühle)
Departure to Erlangen 16:00 h (departure train 16:03) Ebermannstadt train station
Dancing Night ~17:30 – 24 h ev. Familienzentrum, Bismarckstr. 19,  Erlangen

Monday, 14.8.2022

Picnic at the lake, 11:30 h, location Baggersee Baiersdorf 


These are the costs for participation:

120€ full pass for all the shenanigans we are offering
100€ low income ticket and price for members of the 1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg e.V.
60€ Helper tickets (Subsidised) for people who would otherwise not be able to come.
The amount of Helper tickets we can provide depends on the generosity of other participants as each person .can decide to donate some extra money to make this possible.


You can register via google forms under this link:

Please be aware that we only have 60 spots for this event and places will be generally given via a first come-first serve principal.

Code of Conduct

We want to create a fun and safe space for everyone during this event. We are currently revising our Code of Conduct and will post it soon here.

Further information


For accomodation we recommend finding something in Erlangen, Germany.

We have a limited amount of free hosted spaces in the area by local dancers. During registration you can ask for one of these spaces. We cannot guarantee a hosting space for everyone. We will do our best and inform you about a possible spot by the end of July.
There are also a few limited cheap AirBnb spaces we were able to get at a very convenient location. Please contact us directly if you are interested.

Transportation and Venues

Best train station is Erlangen Hbf (main station), Germany and best airport is Nuremberg airport, Germany (it is located between Erlangen and Nuremberg and easily accesible via bus).
We recommend using the ‚Deutschland ticket‘ for 49€ which enables you to take any local train (no ICE or IC), all busses, subways and trams in all of Germany for one month.


Our main dance locations are:
Friday evening
Kulturforum Logenhaus, Universitätsstr. 25, Erlangen

Saturday and Sunday evening
ev. Familienzentrum, Bismarckstr. 19, Erlangen

All other venues you can find in the schedule.
Please be on time for the tours on Friday and the trip on Sunday as we cannot wait.

Dance every night to Blues and Fusion

Dancing in Sophie’s Cave

Impressions from last years exchange:

  • PXL_20220812_190954783.MP
  • PXL_20220812_220928399.PORTRAIT
  • PXL_20220813_154226288.NIGHT
  • PXL_20220813_160931399.MP
  • PXL_20220813_194529166.MP
  • PXL_20220814_122433416.MP
  • PXL_20220814_135610259.MP
  • PXL_20220814_184931567.MP
  • PXL_20220815_101205044.MP


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